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Compare Best Omron BP Monitors HEM 7120, HEM 7121, HEM 7132

You can see list of our Omron HEM 7120|7121|7132 BP Monitors below, perform Side-by-Side comparison. If you need further help, do have a look at Conzumr Guides and Tips. Alternatively you can view all BP Monitor to choose your own favourites.

This device is used to measure your blood pressure and pulse at the same time with the BP monitor.

Omron HEM-7120

Easy, One-Touch Operation, Body Movement Detection, Hypertension Indicator, Memory for Last Reading, Detects irregular heartbeat

The OMRON HEM-7120 is a compact, fully automatic blood pressure monitor, operating on the oscillometric principle. It measures your blood pressure and pulse rate simply and quickly. For comfortable controlled inflation without the need of pressure pre-setting or re-inflation the device uses its advanced “IntelliSense” technology.

Omron HEM-7121

Hypertension Indicator, Intellisense Technology, Fully automatic inflation & defection

Omron HEM-7132

Body Movement Indicator, Detects irregular heartbeat, Cuff Wrapping Guide, Easy Fit Cuff

The OMRON HEM-7132 is a fully automatic blood pressure monitor, operating on the oscillometric principle.It comes with additional features like irregular heartbeat every time you plug the switch.

Side by Side comparison

Type of Device
HEM-7120 : Upper Arm
HEM-7121 : Upper Arm
HEM-7132 : Upper Arm
Blood Pressure Level Indicator
HEM-7120 : 
HEM-7121 : 
HEM-7132 : 
HEM-7120 : Last Reading
HEM-7121 : 30
HEM-7132 : 60
HEM-7120 : 299 mmHg
HEM-7121 : 299 mmHg
HEM-7132 : 299 mmHg
Movement Indicator
HEM-7120 : 
HEM-7121 : 
HEM-7132 : 
HEM-7120 : 6
HEM-7121 : 12
HEM-7132 : 
Device Characteristics
HEM-7120 : LCD
HEM-7121 : -
HEM-7132 : LCD
Guest Mode
HEM-7120 : -
HEM-7121 : -
HEM-7132 : 
Product Features
Fuzzy Logic
HEM-7120 : 
HEM-7121 : 
HEM-7132 : 
Average of last three readings
HEM-7120 : -
HEM-7121 : -
HEM-7132 : 
HEM-7120 : -
HEM-7121 : 
HEM-7132 : 
The omron blood pressure monitor is a fully automatic device which works on oscillometric principle.It measures your blood pressure and pulse rate simply and quickly.For comfortable controlled inflation without the need for pressure pre -setting and re-inflation this device uses intellisense technology.
Irregular heart beat measurement
HEM-7120 : 
HEM-7121 : 
HEM-7132 : 
General Details
Date & Time(Clock)
HEM-7120 : -
HEM-7121 : -
HEM-7132 : 
HEM-7120 : Battery, Cuff
HEM-7121 : Battery, Cuff, Cuff wrapping guide
HEM-7132 : Battery, Cuff
HEM-7120 : White
HEM-7121 : White
HEM-7132 : White
HEM-7120 : Oscillometric
HEM-7121 : Oscillometric
HEM-7132 : Oscillometric
Oscillometric: During oscillometric blood pressure measurements, the inflated cuff detects the pulsation of the artery wall as a pressure vibration. The interpretation of these small variable amplitude vibrations provides a blood pressure value.. Each specific manufacturer has it’s own technology of interpreting these oscillations.
HEM-7120 : 180 bpm
HEM-7121 : 180 bpm
HEM-7132 : 180 bpm
HEM-7120 : 40 bpm
HEM-7121 : 40 bpm
HEM-7132 : 40 bpm
HEM-7120 : 0 bpm
HEM-7121 : -
HEM-7132 : -
Pulse accuracy (+-)
HEM-7120 : 5 %
HEM-7121 : 5 %
HEM-7132 : 5 %
Pressure accuracy (+-)
HEM-7120 : 3 mmHg
HEM-7121 : 3 mmHg
HEM-7132 : 3 mmHg
Battery Type
HEM-7120 : AA
HEM-7121 : AA
HEM-7132 : AA
Number of Batteries
HEM-7120 : 4
HEM-7121 : 4
HEM-7132 : 4
Battery Life Measurements
HEM-7120 : 1000
HEM-7121 : 1000
HEM-7132 : 1000
AC/DC Operated
HEM-7120 : -
HEM-7121 : AC and DC
HEM-7132 : AC and DC
Weight and Dimensions
Product Weight
HEM-7120 : 250 Gm
HEM-7121 : 250 Gm
HEM-7132 : 280 Gm
HEM-7120 : 103 mm
HEM-7121 : 103 mm
HEM-7132 : 123 mm
HEM-7120 : 80 mm
HEM-7121 : 80 mm
HEM-7132 : 85 mm
HEM-7120 : 129 mm
HEM-7121 : 129 mm
HEM-7132 : 141 mm

Guides and Tips

This device is used to measure your blood pressure and pulse at the same time with the BP monitor.

What to look for when buying a blood pressure monitor

If Blood Pressure is a problem for you, and you find yourself making multiple visits to the doctor to track your BP, you may want to get home a BP monitor. Not only will it save you the hassle of running to and from the clinic every now and then, it will empower you to monitor your health and stave off the anxiety of not knowing how you’re faring until your next visit to the doctor. To enable you to pick up the right BP monitor for yourself or your dear one, we have compiled all the basic information you would need to make a knowledgeable decision...

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