Omron HEM-6131 BP Monitor
HEM-6131 Automatic Wrist BP Monitor (White) Body Movement Indicator, Irregular Heartbeat Detection, Blood Pressure Level Indicator, 60 Memory with Date & Time
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HEM-6131 BP Monitor

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A competitive price, compact size, portability and a relatively accurate reading when callibrated correctly makes the Omron BP Monitor HEM-6131 one of the most popular wrist blood pressure monitors today. You can review your last 60 BP readings with Omron BP Monitor HEM-6131 easily which makes it unnecessary for the user to manually record the readings using a notebook and pencil. Read on further to find out whether the Omron BP Monitor HEM-6131 is a product that may fit your needs.


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Product Features

The HEM-6131 is a wrist BP monitor. In such BP monitors the user must position the wrist at the heart level to facilitate accurate readings. When the cuff is wrapped round the wrist, auto position sensor (APS) senses when the wrist is at the heart level and automatically gets activated. The one touch operation in Omron BP Monitor HEM-6131 monitors the blood pressure easily and the high sensitivity of the monitor ensures accuracy. If any body movement has occurred during the measuring of the blood pressure, Omron BP Monitor HEM-6131 alerts the user of the body movement with the body movement indicator. This prevents wrong readings from being recorded.

With a memory of 60 readings, there is no need to keep noting down the reading on paper as you can easily review all the 60 readings with the tap of one button.This feature is very convenient especially when you are traveling and need to keep a record of the blood pressure. For the tech savvy Omron BP Monitor HEM-6131 is compatible with the Heart Sure APP as well. Since Omron BP Monitor HEM-6131 has been linked to the app, it becomes much easier to share important medical data with your doctor if required, no matter where you are on earth.

The blood pressure measurement range in Omron BP Monitor HEM-6131 is from 0 to 299mmHg with an accuracy of + - 3mmHg. The pulse that can be measured by Omron BP Monitor HEM-6131 ranges from 40 to 180 beats/minute with + - 5% display reading. This makes it one of the most dependable blood pressure monitors available as this variance I almost negligible.

High BP or low BP, both are extremely disastrous for health. If your blood pressure exceeds the normal blood pressure levels that have been set, the hypertension indicator in Omron BP Monitor HEM-6131 alerts the user. This is a major advantage as it alerts you to visit your medical practitioner before an untoward incident occurs.

Older Blood pressure monitors just measured the blood pressure and the pulse in a slightly advanced instrument. The Omron BP Monitor HEM-6131 not only measures the blood pressure accurately, but it is also capable of detecting any irregular heart beats when the blood pressure is being measured. The indicator icon alerts the user who must then consult the medical physician immediately as this may indicate a life threatening emergency.

The wrist BP monitor comes with a cuff wrap that fits on most wrists as the size is 13.5-21.5 cms and is easy to wrap. The cuff wrapping guide is included in the package which instructs the user how to wrap the cuff and its placement to get accurate readings every time.

The date and time are displayed on the screen and same is also displayed in the date that is stored. Omron BP Monitor HEM-6131 offers advanced averaging function as well where the user can easily check the average blood pressure. The reading displays the average of the last three readings taken in the last ten minutes.


Physical Features of Omron BP Monitor HEM-6131

The extra large display LCD screen makes it convenient to read the measured blood pressure. Omron BP Monitor HEM-6131 comes with a carry case, a power source and 2 AAA batteries. Weighing just 101 g, with a size of 78 X 60 X 21 mm, Omron BP Monitor HEM-6131 is one of the most convenient portable blood pressure monitoring devices available.

Price and Warranty

Priced below Rs 3000/- Omron BP Monitor HEM-6131 is a health product that is a must in each household. It comes with a warranty of 12 months from the manufacturer.


Advantages of buying the Omron BP Monitor HEM-6131

  • Omron BP Monitor HEM-6131 comes with a memory of 60 readings and gives the user an average of the last three readings measured within ten minutes.
  • Price is most competitive for the convenient, accurate and portable blood pressure monitor.
  • Omron BP Monitor HEM-6131 comes with a warranty of 12 months.
  • The irregular heart beat indicator alerts the user of some serious heart issue that may be lurking.
  • Being wrist type of blood pressure monitor, Omron BP Monitor HEM-6131 fits most wrist circumferences comfortably and comes with a wrist wrap guide.
  • The body movement indicator alerts the user which ensures accurate readings.
  • The battery lasts up to 300 measurements and is easily available.

Disadvantages of buying the Omron BP Monitor HEM-6131

On purchasing Omron BP Monitor HEM-6131, it is recommended that the blood pressure monitor is calibrated from a medical physician atleast initially.

Omron BP Monitor HEM-6131 has to be checked periodically and calibrated for accuracy.

Some medical texts suggest that the blood pressure measurement at the upper arm is more accurate than on the wrist. The arteries around the arm are thick and deep which facilitates accurate readings. The arteries around the wrist are thin and just skin deep which may lead to inaccuracies. Hence if the wrist is not positioned correctly as prescribed, the reading on HEM-6131 can be very erratic.

The price of Omron BP Monitor HEM-6131 varies on different portals and stores.


Omron BP Monitor HEM-6131 is found to be a very compact,accurate, simple and easy to use device. Due to its small size, it is portable and easy to store as well as carry when traveling. The availability of the battery ensures that the machine can be used anywhere in the world. The price is reasonable for the health benefits it extends. 

The wrist wrap adds to the convenience for accurate measurement of blood pressure. If there is any body movement or wrap is not tied correctly, Omron BP Monitor HEM-6131 alerts the user, ensuring correct reading every time which is very critical for health.

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