KVM Research Laboratories KVM Research Laboratories Poshan Ayurvediya Hair Oil 100 ml Ayurvedic Product
100% natural with so side effects - remedy for falling and early greying of hair, ithcing, dryness of scalp followed by dandruff
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The KVM project proudly introduces our Ayurvediya medicated hair Oil - POSHAN which is perfectly blended with Bhringraj, Brahmi, Amala, Jatamansi, hibiscus leaves etc- an assortment of Eleven Ayurvedic herbs that have been manufactured using the traditional methods in unique ayurvedic proprietary formula that has KVM Research Labs has developed as per clinical trials and experimentation since 1988.

KVM Research Labs has presented Poshan in its most natural form without adding any artificial colour or fragrances- hence maintaining the natural properties of ever medicinal ingredient present in the medicated tailum.
The extracts are prepared, filtered and packed manually as per the methods proscribed in the Ayurvediya texts. The synergic combination of all the ingredients has a nourishing action on the scalp and the ingredients like Brahmi, Bhringaraj and Amala are cooling and rejuvenating to the brain cells(as per Ayurveda texts) and regular application ensures sound sleep for the user as well.

From the Manufacturer: Poshan is indicated in falling and early greying of hair, ithcing, dryness of scalp followed by dandruff. Regular application ensures long, healthy and greying hair

Brand: KVM Reserach Laboratories (Since 1988)

Series # Poshan
Available on Conzumr Since May 2015

Quantity 100 ml