Samsung Samsung AX7000 Air Purifier
AX70J7000WT/NA Enjoy Fresh Air with Low Energy Use, Pure Air, Fast and Wide, Space-efficient and Easy to Maintain,
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The Samsung Blue Sky AX7000 air purifier has a front–sided air inlet, so you don’t need to move it or pull away from the wall to get to the filter - Just open the door and you can simply clean it or change it. And, thanks to its slim design it will fit anywhere you place it. A Front Air Inflow easily draws in air and Dual Power Fans with 4 step filtration systems which powerfully purify and distribute clean air with its 3 Way Air Flow. So it purifies large living rooms faster. The Air Purity Display lets you see the pollution drop before your eyes! 3 sensors give an exact numeric measurement of the PM2.5 and PM10 levels, and various colour lights visually show them and the harmful gas level

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De-odorization Filter, HEPA filter, Pre-Filter

De-odorization Filter: Having deodorizing means including adsorbent for adsorbing odor molecules, and transition metal chelate compound which serves as catalyst for the odor molecules for causing their oxidation reaction,

Type of AirPurifier Portable
Available on Conzumr Since June 2018

General Specifications
De-odorization Filter, HEPA filter, Pre-Filter
Sensor Dust & Odor
Replacement HEPA Filter
Technical Specifications
Type of AirPurifier Portable
Noise level 54 / 20 dB dB
Tank Capacity 93.1 L
Special Functions
99.9 %
Bacteria Filteration Efficiency 99.7 %
Display Adjustments Yes
Material of main body Plastic
Color Airy White/Air Born
Weight and Dimensions
Width 360 mm
Depth 284 mm
Height 1054 mm
Weight 15 kg