Atlanta Atlanta PureZone 1001 Ultra Air Purifier
HEPA filter, Pollution Sensor, Multi-Mode operations, Auto Alarm, Negative ion generator, 254 Nanometer UV light filter, Aluminum static filter, Photo catalyst
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PureZone 1001 Ultra is an advanced variant of PureZone 1001. It is ideal for environments requiring very high degree of sterilization and indoor air quality. It is a multi-use commercial air purifier packed with industry leading air purification technologies. Contains high grade HEPA Filter to remove suspended particulate matter, pollen, dust, germs and infection carrying microbes with purification efficiency of 99.99%.
Effectively catalyzes and decomposes harmful and noxious gases like Formaldehyde, Hydrogen Sulfide and Ammonia. Restrains activation of viruses and has UV light filter to sterilize air up to 97.5%.Besides making the environment & surrounding air fresh and pure, it generates 3.8 million negative ions per cubic meter. It is ideal for odor control.Based on a radically new approach to air purifier design, the PureZone 1001 Ultra features ‘ultra-quiet’ air intake technology ideal for office, medical and clinical environments.

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Room Area Covered 79 sq.ft
Air Flow (km/hr) 500
Safety Feature Machine stops if cover is open
Available on Conzumr Since July 2017

Technical Specifications
Room Area Covered 79 sq.ft
Noise level Less than 45 dB
Display LED
Air Flow (km/hr) 500
General Specifications
Modes of Operation Auto Mode, Manual, 1,2,4 hours, Sleep Mode
Wireless Remote Control Yes
UV Lamp 6000 H
Filter sizes Air Quality, Odor and Particulate Matter, 2 Nos. 8W, 220V, 254 NM wavelength
Special Functions
Safety Feature Machine stops if cover is open
Frequency 50 Hz
Voltage 220 V
Wattage 51 W
Current 5 A
Weight and Dimensions
Weight 22 kg