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Symphony brings you easy-to-move coolers that make your life comfortable. You can easily transport the Portable Cooler to any corner and feel the breeze as it cools your place.

You can see list of our Symphony Diet Series Spot Coolers below, perform Side-by-Side comparison. If you need further help, do have a look at Conzumr Guides and Tips. Alternatively you can view all Air Cooler to choose your own favourites.

A mini desert cooler comes with a powerful fan. This ensures really fast cooling with great airflow that chills you out.

Symphony DiET-22i

Consumes 170 watts only, Also works on inverter power, Delivers fresh, filtered cool air, High efficiency honeycomb pad, Powerful air throw with auto swing, Inbuilt remote dock, Fully functional remote with 7 hour timer

Where performance, style and intelligence get together. It is energy efficient with a low power consumption. Loaded with a remote control and most importantly, intelligent functions. And with great looks to boot, it is the perfect accompaniment to your place.

Symphony DiET-12i

Consumes 95 watts only, Also works on inverter power, Delivers fresh, filtered cool air.......

Diet 12i functions on as little as 80 watts of power. It performs silently without a hush with its blower delivering better cooling and a powerful air throw. The compact Diet 12i guarantees a strong performance everytime it is switched on.

Side by Side comparison

Series #
DiET-22i : DiET
DiET-12i : DiET
DiET-22i : Tower
DiET-12i : Tower
DiET-22i : Blower
DiET-12i : Blower
Water Tank Capacity
DiET-22i : 22 L
DiET-12i : 12 L
DiET-22i : 12
DiET-12i : 12
Technical Specifications
Air Delivery
DiET-22i : 1500 meter cube
DiET-12i : 1000 meter cube
General Specification
Technology Used
DiET-22i : -
DiET-12i : Dura-pump Technology
On / Off timer
DiET-22i : 
DiET-12i : 
Cooling Media
DiET-22i : Honeycomb
DiET-12i : Honeycomb
Location of Cooler
DiET-22i : Indoor, Outdoor
DiET-12i : Indoor, Outdoor
Blower/Fan Material
DiET-22i : Plastic
DiET-12i : Plastic
Remote Control
DiET-22i : 
DiET-12i : 
Ice chamber
DiET-22i : 
DiET-12i : 
Mosquito net / Dust filter
DiET-22i : 
DiET-12i : 
DiET-22i : -
DiET-12i : 
Diameter of Blower/Fan
DiET-22i : 180 mm
DiET-12i : 132 mm
Body Material
DiET-22i : Plastic
DiET-12i : Plastic
Three speed blower control
DiET-22i : 
DiET-12i : 
System restore function
DiET-22i : 
DiET-12i : 
Cool flow dispenser
DiET-22i : 
DiET-12i : 
Inbuilt remote dock
DiET-22i : 
DiET-12i : 
Auto Louver Movement
DiET-22i : 
DiET-12i : 
Empty tank alarm
DiET-22i : 
DiET-12i : 
Auto Swing
DiET-22i : 
DiET-12i : 
Power Consumption
DiET-22i : 170 W
DiET-12i : 95 W
Weight and Dimensions
DiET-22i : 8 kg
DiET-12i : 7.7 kg
DiET-22i : 300
DiET-12i : 300
DiET-22i : 943
DiET-12i : 832
DiET-22i : 330
DiET-12i : 330