Series #
LS19B35JE : Grande
LS13B35JE : Grande
AC Type
LS19B35JE : Split
LS13B35JE : Split
LS19B35JE : 1.5 TR
LS13B35JE : 1 TR
A ton is a measurement of heat transfer. One ton is equal to 12,000 BTU's(British thermal unit) per hour. It is derived from the amount of energy that it takes to melt one ton of ice in a twenty four hour period.
LS19B35JE : Inverter AC
LS13B35JE : Inverter AC
Inverter AC:

An inverter air conditioner consumes much less electricity as compared to non-inverter. An inverter AC means that the compressor is powered by a variable speed drive, which enables the compressor to run at a range of speeds from slow to fast, to match the output required. Inverter air conditioners are able to vary their operating capacity. You would be really surprised to find the amount of money you can easily save by making use of this latest technology. When purchasing an inverter air conditioner.

There are different types on Inverter ACs like:

  • DC Inverter AC - Converts AC to DC current and then back into AC current. Due to variable frequency, the compressor motor is able to work at variable speed and hence is more efficient that conventional non-inverter or fixed speed ACS.
  • Inverter Heat Pump - It is an inverter AC which pumps out over 3 times more energy than the traditional heat pumps. It is mainly used in Acs which come with both hot and cold feature
  • 3D Inverter AC - It is an inverter AC which has vents on the side that helps in removing hot air and calling the room faster
  • Multi Inverter (Multi Split) - It is an inverter AC which is used in ACs which support different capacity and style indoor units for one single outdoor unit
LS19B35JE : 3.55
LS13B35JE : 3.55
Energy Efficiency cooling mode value specified by manufacturer. This is the energy efficiency calculated while using the cooling mode of the air conditioner. The higher the EER rating, the more efficient the air conditioner
LS19B35JE : Cooling Only
LS13B35JE : Cooling Only
Cooling Only: It is a great option for keeping the home cooled off during the hot summer days.
LS19B35JE : 3.55
LS13B35JE : 3.55
Energy Efficiency cooling mode computed value (This is the calculated EER value, considering the company specified data or info that is claimed by the manufacturer). This value shows the actual deviation of the EER (Calculated/ Computed) from the company specified value of EER.
LS19B35JE : R-32
LS13B35JE : R-32

It is a fluid that is used in refrigerators and air-conditioners to remove heat from the inside and throw it out in the atmosphere.

  • R290 - R-290 is a Greenest new hydrocarbon Propane refrigerant which is completely halogen free and hence seems to cause no harm to ozone layer. We have few manufacturers who are using this refrigerant and marketing their models as 7 star. The drawback of this refrigerant is that it is highly flammable and hence need extra security measures which adds to the cost of the air conditioner.
  • R-32 - R-32 efficiently conveys heat, it can reduce electricity consumption up to approximately 10 percent compared to that of air conditioners using refrigerant R-22. R32 is proposed to be used in some ACs which currently uses R410A. It is mildly flammable and has similar performance and operating conditions to R410A. It has a lower global warming potential (GWP) than the commonly used HFCs.
  • R410A - R1410 is the green gas and an environmentally friendly refrigerant which is Non-CFC. That meant in case your system ever leaks, it won't cause any harm to ozone layer. R-410 A refrigerant is better in terms of ‘global warming’, safe and more energy efficient.
  • R22 - R22 is a single hydro-chlorofluorocarbon (HCFC) compound. It has low chlorine content but causes ozone depletion. R22 wont be manufactured from year 2010. Only recycled or remaining stock of R22 can be used.
  • Energy Star Rating
    LS19B35JE : 3
    LS13B35JE : 3
    LS19B35JE : 60
    LS13B35JE : 60
    Warranty Terms
    LS19B35JE : 5 years warranty on compressor
    LS13B35JE : 5 years warranty on compressor
    LS19B35JE : Rotary
    LS13B35JE : Rotary
    This is a superior type of a compressor and it compresses air in a confined space. These are more compact, operate quietly, built for continuous operation and typically see less maintenance. The down side is the initial costs are higher. For less than 3 ton these are good options as they don't need high duty cycle and have better energy ratings.
    Wi-Fi Enabled
    LS19B35JE : 
    LS13B35JE : 
    LS19B35JE : PM 2.5 Micron Filter
    LS13B35JE : PM 2.5 Micron Filter
    Filter helps to keep the environment clean
    Control Type
    LS19B35JE : Wi-Fi enabled controlled through smartphones
    LS13B35JE : Wi-Fi enabled controlled through smartphones
    LS19B35JE : Fish fin
    LS13B35JE : Fish fin
    Compressor fins are located on the outdoor portion of an air conditioner near the compressor These fins look like a grill with metal fins all along it. These air conditioner fins are a part of the condenser that assists heat in moving away from the air conditioner which enables faster heat dispensing.
    Power and Capacity
    LS19B35JE : 5.15 kW
    LS13B35JE : 3.55 kW
    1 kW = 3412.142 BTU/hr
    LS19B35JE : 820 m3/h
    LS13B35JE : 590 m3/h
    Air flow is a measurement of the amount of air per unit of time that flows through a particular device.
    Cooling Capacity (Desired)
    LS19B35JE : 
    LS13B35JE : 
    Air Circulation Rate
    LS19B35JE : 
    LS13B35JE : 
    Cooling Capacity
    LS19B35JE : 17572.53 btu/hr
    LS13B35JE : 12113.1 btu/hr
    Power (Cooling)
    LS19B35JE : 1450 W
    LS13B35JE : 1000 W
    Heating Capacity
    LS19B35JE : 
    LS13B35JE : 
    Power Supply (Volt/Phase/Hz.)
    LS19B35JE : 230 V / 1 phase / 50 Hz
    LS13B35JE : 230 V / 1 phase / 50 Hz
    Running Current -Cooling Mode
    LS19B35JE : 7 A
    LS13B35JE : 4.35 A
    Fast Cool
    LS19B35JE : 
    LS13B35JE : 
    High Ambient Cooling
    LS19B35JE : 
    LS13B35JE : 
    Quiet Mode
    LS19B35JE : 
    LS13B35JE : 
    LS19B35JE : Hidden LED
    LS13B35JE : Hidden LED
    Air Swing
    Four way swing
    LS19B35JE : 
    LS13B35JE : 
    General Details
    Front Casing Colour
    LS19B35JE : White
    LS13B35JE : White
    Noise Level
    Indoor - Cooling Noise
    LS19B35JE : 44 dB
    LS13B35JE : 40 dB
    Outdoor - Cooling Noise
    LS19B35JE : 52 dB
    LS13B35JE : 52 dB
    LS19B35JE : Remote Control, User Manual, Warranty Card
    LS13B35JE : Remote Control, User Manual, Warranty Card
    Weight and Dimensions
    Outdoor unit Weight
    LS19B35JE : 38 kg
    LS13B35JE : 28.5 kg
    Indoor Unit Weight
    LS19B35JE : 14 kg
    LS13B35JE : 11 kg
    Indoor - Width
    LS19B35JE : 997 mm
    LS13B35JE : 881 mm
    Indoor - Height
    LS19B35JE : 227 mm
    LS13B35JE : 205 mm
    Indoor - Depth
    LS19B35JE : 316 mm
    LS13B35JE : 296 mm
    Outdoor - Width
    LS19B35JE : 800 mm
    LS13B35JE : 730 mm
    Outdoor - Height
    LS19B35JE : 545 mm
    LS13B35JE : 545 mm
    Outdoor - Depth
    LS19B35JE : 315 mm
    LS13B35JE : 285 mm