Panasonic Panasonic CS-XC24PKY Air Conditioner
CU-XC24PKY 2.0 Ton, 4 Star Virusfighter Split Air Conditioner
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Panasonic introduces an air purification system that captures harmful micro-organisms from the air, deactivates those trapped on surfaces and in the filter as well.

It utilises nano-technology fine particles to purify the air and clean harmful micro-organisms attached onto fabrics in the room. And this year, it comes with a brand new feature that deactivates bacteria and viruses trapped in the filter. Thus, giving you the complete air purification system so you come home to a cleaner living environment.

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Cooling Only

Cooling Only: It is a great option for keeping the home cooled off during the hot summer days.

Inverter AC

Inverter AC: An inverter air conditioner consumes much less electricity as compared to usual air conditioning unit because of its mode of operation. You would be really surprised to find the amount of money you can easily save by making use of this latest technology. When purchasing an inverter air conditioner

Category Split

Energy Efficiency cooling mode value specified by manufacturer. This is the energy efficiency calculated while using the cooling mode of the air conditioner.

2 TR

A ton is a measurement of heat transfer. One ton is equal to 12,000 BTU's(British thermal unit) per hour. It is derived from the amount of energy that it takes to melt one ton of ice in a twenty four hour period.

Energy Star Rating 4

Cooling Only
Inverter AC
Category Split
Power and Capacity
Power (Cooling) 2080 W
2 TR
Energy Star Rating 4
Running Current -Cooling Mode 9.2 A
Odour-Removing Function Yes
Powerful Mode Yes
Quiet Mode Yes
General Details
ECONAVI Dual Sensor Yes
Removable, Washable Panel Yes
Noise Level
Outdoor - Cooling Noise 56 dB
Pipe Details
25 m
7.5 m
Gas Side Pipe Diameter 15.88 mm
Liquid Side Pipe Diameter 6.35 mm
Additional Refrigerant Gas 30 g/m
Maximum Elevation Length 20 m
Weight and Dimensions
Outdoor unit Weight 58 kg
Indoor Unit Weight 12 kg