Daikin FTKP50PRV16 Air Conditioner
1.5 ton, Inverter, Cooling only
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Beat the soaring temperatures with FTKP50PRV16

AC Type Split
Inverter AC

Inverter AC:

An inverter air conditioner consumes much less electricity as compared to non-inverter. An inverter AC means that the compressor is powered by a variable speed drive, which enables the compressor to run at a range of speeds from slow to fast, to match the output required. Inverter air conditioners are able to vary their operating capacity. You would be really surprised to find the amount of money you can easily save by making use of this latest technology. When purchasing an inverter air conditioner.

There are different types on Inverter ACs like:

  • DC Inverter AC - Converts AC to DC current and then back into AC current. Due to variable frequency, the compressor motor is able to work at variable speed and hence is more efficient that conventional non-inverter or fixed speed ACS.
  • Inverter Heat Pump - It is an inverter AC which pumps out over 3 times more energy than the traditional heat pumps. It is mainly used in Acs which come with both hot and cold feature
  • 3D Inverter AC - It is an inverter AC which has vents on the side that helps in removing hot air and calling the room faster
  • Multi Inverter (Multi Split) - It is an inverter AC which is used in ACs which support different capacity and style indoor units for one single outdoor unit

Cooling Only

Cooling Only: It is a great option for keeping the home cooled off during the hot summer days.

1.5 TR

A ton is a measurement of heat transfer. One ton is equal to 12,000 BTU's(British thermal unit) per hour. It is derived from the amount of energy that it takes to melt one ton of ice in a twenty four hour period.


Energy Efficiency cooling mode value specified by manufacturer. This is the energy efficiency calculated while using the cooling mode of the air conditioner. The higher the EER rating, the more efficient the air conditioner

Series # FTKP
Warranty(Months) 12
Available on Conzumr Since February 2018

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With the temperatures soaring northwards, the best option to keep cool is air-conditioners that work effectively in tropical countries like India where the temperatures soar to around 48 degree C. Daikin, the top air conditioning company in the world provides reliable and safe air-conditioning solutions to beat the heat.

Who Is Daikin

Daikin is a top global air-conditioning expert company based in Japan. Daikin Air-conditioning India Pvt Ltd (DAIPL) is a 100% subsidiary of Daikin Industries Ltd, Japan. With 11 branch offices, 15 sales offices, 4 warehouses, 22 supporting warehouses, over 2000 channel partners and over 200 authorized service providers it is simple to control the temperatures this summer.

Why Choose Daikin

Daikin was founded in 1924 in Japan and has over 60 production bases worldwide. They earned recognition as air specialists as they strive and continue to provide high quality air conditioning solutions for residential and commercial applications. With a manufacturing plant set up in Rajasthan, India, Daikin India is supported by a strong world-wide network that uses the most advanced technology and equipment.

What Diakin Offers

Daikin ensures compliance with international quality check standards for quality control and other corporate and environmental activities. Safety is the top most priority for the Daikin family. The production process protects the environment by reducing the noise levels, lowers power consumption, effectively cools, conserves resources and the ease of installation makes Daikin one of the top contenders in the global air conditioning market.

What is FTKP50PRV16?

FTKP50PRV16 is a split air conditioner with a 1.5 ton capacity. The built in R-32 inverter frees your mind from electrical shutdowns. The sleek looking Daikin FTKP50PRV16 is wall mountable which does not disturb the essence of the room but may add to the classy look and elegance. Made from easy to clean and material, FTKP50PRV16 is available in Ivory White only as of now.

Salient Features

  • Dry Function: The chip is designed to work efficiently to remove the extra humidity while maintaining an almost consistent temperature by controlling the airflow rate and the temperature.
  • PAM Control: This function reduces the energy loss.
  • Silver Particle Antibacterial Filter: The filter in Daikin FTKP50PRV16 is embedded with silver particles that kill bacteria, de-odorize the room with its smell proof operations.
  • Swing Compressor & Reluctance DC Motor: A swing compressor and DC motor offer higher efficiency. You can experience unbeatable air conditioning with the 3D air flow.
  • Filter: The titanium apatite photocatalytic air filter is made of titanium oxide. It adsorbs and decomposes bacteria, ensuring almost pure and healthy air for humans. With proper maintenance, the filter can be used up to three years.
  • Stabilizer: the stabilizer free FTKP50PRV16 protects the air conditioner from a wide range of electric fluctuations of 160V - 264V.
  • Dual Flaps: The power airflow dual flaps on Daikin FTF50PRV flatten during cooling operation which delivers cool air to every corner of the entire room. The flaps direct warm air to the floor during a heating operation.
  • Night Mode: The timer button on the remote selects the night mode automatically. The perfect temperature gives you a sound sleep that keeps you healthy. The night mode controls the temperature up to 5 degrees for you to get that undisturbed sleep.
  • Ease of installation: Weighing just 41 kg and operating range of 19.4 to 46 degree C, Daikin FTKP50PRV16 offers a maximum piping length 15 m and height difference up to 20 m for effective and efficient cooling.
  • Refrigerant: The fluid that is used in air conditioners to remove the heat from the inside and throw it outside is called the refrigerant. R-32 is the next generation refrigerant that is used in FTKP50PRV16 makes the air conditioner more environment friendly.
  • Service: with branches spread across the country, service without delay is a commitment at Daikin India for buyers of FTKP50PRV16.
  • Cost: The cost of this model of the air conditioner becomes effective because of the varied features that are offered in FTKP50PRV16. The installation and after sales services are provided by the team of experts from DAIPL
  • Warranty: A warranty of one year is available on the main unit while the compressor has a warranty of five years.

Performance Features

  • Panel Display: Easy to read digital display on the panel of Daikin FTKP50PRV16
  • Fins: The anti corrosion fins on the outdoor heat exchanger unit make FTKP50PRV16 ideal to install at locations with high humidity in the atmosphere. The treated fins have a longer life that extends the life of the air conditioner with proper maintenance.
  • Modes: the Econo mode reduces the electricity consumption in the economical mode. The dry mode helps to remove the extra humidity from the room thereby cooling it effectively.
  • Wings: For equal distribution of cool air across the room, FTKP50PRV16 has wide angle wings that ensure equal distribution of cool air.
Overall Rating
Power and Capacity

The operating current is 6.5 A with a power consumption of 1445 W. Daikin FTKP50PRV16 works efficiently on a single phase of 230V at 50 Hz. FTKP50PRV16 has a lower energy rating as it consumes more power as compared to other models of air conditioners with similar specifications. The Energy efficiency ratio (ERR) is calculated at 3.46 W/W

Air Swing

Coanda airflow mode uses a draft-less air conditioning concept that cools the entire room without throwing a draft. This kind of air conditioning is very peaceful and pleasant. The air circulation rate is 17.4 m3 per minute cools the room much faster. Faster cooling results in energy saving and lower electricity bills. TheDaikin FTKP50PRV16 is designed with dual flaps for a powerful airflow. During cooling the flaps flatten which delivers cool air to the entire room almost equally. During the heating operation the flaps direct the warm air to the floor that heats the room more quickly thereby saving energy.

Noise Level

The indoor unit has sound levels of 45/30/45 (H/M/L) while the outdoor unit sound is as low as 50 dB for FTKP50PRV16. When the fan setting is set to low, the wireless remote controller decreases the indoor unit operating sound levels. On application of rated operations, the outdoor sound levels are also reduced.

Weight and Dimensions

The indoor unit for Daikin FTKP50PRV16 weighs only 13 kg with dimensions 310 X 110 X 239 mm while the outer unit dimensions are 595 X 845 X 300 mm.


Daikin FTKP50PRV16 is a technologically sound cooling equipment that will surely beat the summer heat in India. The prices may vary slightly when you purchase from stores or online portals. The service is guaranteed by DAIPL no matter from where you purchase the air conditioner. If you are looking for a smart, fuel efficient air conditioner the FTKP50PRV16 can be one of the options to check out.

Overall Rating