Carrier Midea Duraedge Plus 42KGE-018M Air Conditioner
51MSG-018AA This 1.5 tonne cooling capacity wall mounted split air conditioner has a rotary compressor. It has active carbon filter and has the following features like auto swing, auto restart, timer, fan mode, independent dehumidification, sleep mode and self diagnosis. The noise levels are 44db and power consumption is 1530 watts.
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Review of Carrier Midea Duraedge Plus 42KGE-018M (51MSG-018AA)

AC Type Split
Non-Inverter AC

Non-Inverter AC: Non inverter or Fixed speed air conditioning deliver a fixed amount of power via a fixed speed. This means the compressor has to stop and start to maintain the desired room temperature. This means that it operates either at full or minimum speed. Switching on this type of unit will start to run on full load thus consuming more power.

Cooling Only

Cooling Only: It is a great option for keeping the home cooled off during the hot summer days.


It is a fluid that is used in refrigerators and air-conditioners to remove heat from the inside and throw it out in the atmosphere.

  • R290 - R-290 is a Greenest new hydrocarbon Propane refrigerant which is completely halogen free and hence seems to cause no harm to ozone layer. We have few manufacturers who are using this refrigerant and marketing their models as 7 star. The drawback of this refrigerant is that it is highly flammable and hence need extra security measures which adds to the cost of the air conditioner.
  • R-32 - R-32 efficiently conveys heat, it can reduce electricity consumption up to approximately 10 percent compared to that of air conditioners using refrigerant R-22. R32 is proposed to be used in some ACs which currently uses R410A. It is mildly flammable and has similar performance and operating conditions to R410A. It has a lower global warming potential (GWP) than the commonly used HFCs.
  • R410A - R1410 is the green gas and an environmentally friendly refrigerant which is Non-CFC. That meant in case your system ever leaks, it won't cause any harm to ozone layer. R-410 A refrigerant is better in terms of ‘global warming’, safe and more energy efficient.
  • R22 - R22 is a single hydro-chlorofluorocarbon (HCFC) compound. It has low chlorine content but causes ozone depletion. R22 wont be manufactured from year 2010. Only recycled or remaining stock of R22 can be used.
  • 1.5 TR

    A ton is a measurement of heat transfer. One ton is equal to 12,000 BTU's(British thermal unit) per hour. It is derived from the amount of energy that it takes to melt one ton of ice in a twenty four hour period.


    Energy Efficiency cooling mode value specified by manufacturer. This is the energy efficiency calculated while using the cooling mode of the air conditioner. The higher the EER rating, the more efficient the air conditioner


    Energy Efficiency cooling mode computed value (This is the calculated EER value, considering the company specified data or info that is claimed by the manufacturer). This value shows the actual deviation of the EER (Calculated/ Computed) from the company specified value of EER.

    Energy Star Rating 3
    Series # Duraedge Plus K +
    Warranty(Months) 12
    Warranty Terms 5 years on compressor
    Available on Conzumr Since February 2018

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    Split air conditioning systems are slowly taking over the traditional window air conditioning systems primarily because, they lead to less energy loss due to the nature of their built & components; less heat loss as compared to window ACs and easier installation / maintenance. In this space we are reviewing the Duraedge Plus  42KGE-018M (51MSG-018AA) Split AC by Carrier.


    The DURAEDGE split AC comes in off white colour with smooth edges and a glossy finish, thus making it an attractive addition to your walls. The remote control is hand held and the shape ensures a good grip. It is of the same colour as the AC. The remote control also comes with a wall mounted stand that can be easily installed if needed.

    Overall Rating
    Product Features

    Some key features of the AC unit under review are as mentioned below:

    Electrostatic Carbon & Dust Filters – The unit comes inbuilt with active carbon and electrostatic fibre filters which essentially helps in air purification ensuring that the recipients breathe a fresher air. Activated carbon filters such as found in this AC system, capture more dust and dirt than standard filters. These carbon filters also eliminate unpleasant odours in the room which is a quite pressing requirement in most settings. If your house is filled with unwanted smells of spices, for e.g., an AC system such as the DURAEDGE by Carrier is a good choice. However, these carbon filters cannot be cleaned due to the nature of their job and if need be, will have to be replaced.

    Turbo Mode – The presence of turbo mode in the AC unit helps in achieving the set temperature quickly and effectively by operating at the maximum fan speed for 30 minutes. In this particular AC model, the desired temperature is reached pretty quickly; for e.g., a temperature of 21 degrees when the outside temperature is around 35 to 40 degrees, can be achieved in approx. 20 minutes.

    Independent Dehumidification – The DURAEDGE Plus   42KGE-018M (51MSG-018AA) split AC unit comes with inbuilt NeXgen dehumidifier which helps in reducing the humidity of the room but at the same time retains cooling, thereby ensuring a comfortable temperature in the room. In tropical climates, especially around the vast coastline of India, this feature in ACs is very crucial.

    Rust free Cabinet – This device is made with 100 percent copper and comes with 5 layers of protective coating to ensure complete freedom from rust. The AC cabinet can withstand extreme weather conditions and therefore, can be functional for years at a stretch. It is also perfect for the Indian weather conditions which range from extreme to humid at most places in the country.

    The Auto Restart feature ensures that in the case of a power cut, when the power is back, the unit will restart at its previous functions and settings; a setting which is much needed in our country given the frequent power cuts. Although you can control the air deflection in the AC system by a simple button on the remote, the Auto Swing feature rotates the air deflector automatically thereby ensuring that there is uniform cooling in all parts of the room. The AC unit comes with a bright LED display in internal unit. This AC unit can also be run on automatic mode using the 24 hr. timer on the remote which programs the unit to start and stop as assigned by the user. The Sleep Mode feature, when enabled, gradually increases the temperature while one is sleeping. This feature therefore helps is energy saving and thus, cost saving, if used regularly.

    Refrigerant Leakage Detector – Detection of refrigerant leakage is crucial in Air conditioning systems. DURAEDGE comes with an inbuilt early warning system that detects a condition of this leakage, and shuts down the system while at the same time displaying the error code on the internal AC unit (as per mentioned on the product website, not observed directly).

    Self Diagnosis Function- A smart feature of this AC is that if the unit malfunctions for any reason, it will shut off immediately while indicating an error code on the indoor unit to enable efficient servicing (as per mentioned on the product website, not observed directly).

    LCD remote – The AC unit is accompanied with a LCD remote which uses two AAA batteries to run. The remote has signal strength between 8m to 11m. The main performance features present on the remote device are the operating mode (allowing the user to choose between auto, cool, dry and Fan buttons); 24 timer setting function; temperature setting between 17 degree to 30 degree Celsius; clear LCD screen displaying all the selected options; air direction and swing buttons; sleep button; turbo mode button; and clock feature to name a few. The remote device is very user friendly and for any difficulty in usage, there is a detailed instruction manual for the remote separately.

    Other features:

    The AC unit under review is of 1.5 tons and is being satisfactorily used by the reviewer to cool a room of 30 square meters. The net weight of this device, as mentioned on the accompanying manuals and product website is 12 kg for the indoor unit and 47 kg for the outdoor unit. The noise of the indoor unit is very minute and comfortable to bear with. The noise level of the outdoor unit is pretty high and one can feel a vibrating sound when near the outdoor unit.


    Although, split ACs are easier to install as compared to window ACs, it is still recommended that professional assistance is sought for installing the AC unit as it is still complicated to do so on one’s own despite a detailed instruction manual accompanying the device.

    The AC carries a rating of 2 stars or 3 EER which indicates that this unit is energy efficient and can help in cost reduction in the long run. The power consumption by the unit is 1583 watts and cooling capacity approx. is 4800 watts. Although not observed yet due to a lack of opportunity, the reviewer assumes that the AC will run smoothly even in low voltage conditions and extreme temperatures (based on reviewer’s experience with this AC unit.)

    The air flow is very uniform for a room of about 30 square meters on the auto swing mode and the resulting air has a pleasant feel. The AC device and accompanying remote control is extremely easy to use with clear & bright displays on the remote as well as indoor unit display panels.

    The AC unit comes with a 1 yr. warranty for the AC unit and 5 year compressor warranty. Carriers ACs have authorized service stations in almost all parts of India and therefore any service requirements should be easily addressed. The reviewer’s experience in this area has been extremely positive.


    Some of the prominent disadvantages of this AC unit are:

    - A bulky and noisy outdoor unit, which also acquires considerable vertical space.

    - There is almost a 1 minute gap between switching on the main power switch and the AC becoming operational (observed with an inverter being used).

    - Depending on the distance between the outdoor and indoor units and distance between the power plug & AC unit, lot of wiring work may be involved in the installation process. If the AC is being installed in a new building, these wires can be hidden in the walls but for old buildings or already existing rooms, the sight may not be very pleasant.

    Given the performance of this AC unit as experienced by the reviewer and keeping in mind the features, performance and disadvantages, a rating of 9/10 is suitable for this device.

    Overall Rating